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Can you please identify if fake or not


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can different guitars from the same year have the same PAT no on the pickups ?? I found a pic of a pickup online with the same number as the seller is giving me ( one is black and the one i bought is honeyburst? )


i am posting a photo bucket link for people to check and give out opinions ... please someone , i need you to answer me asap as i have bought the item on ebay and i need to pay the dude :)



it sure looks the part , its a 1990 les paul standard .








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PAT (patent) numbers cover every pickup of that design made by the registering company, so yes, different pickups of the same design and maker will all have the same patent(PAT) number.



ok thats a load off my mind then , i reckon it looks like it might be real , but when i try to identify the serial number following guidelines : 92250500 ( is dat 1990 25th feb and production number 500 ) ,when i used that project website it came up with a different date .



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Hi and welcome.


The guitar dater brings up this;


"Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

August 13rd, 1990

Production Number: 200 "


If you look at the 3rd snap you can see the date stamp in the bridge p-up cavity. They are within one day of the GD response.



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