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I've had a full beard on my face for almost a year.

Yesterday I shaved it all off.

Today I went to a birthday party that one of my sons was invited to.

The host's husband, who I've known for some time through various school field trips, Barbecues and other functions, came over and introduced himself to me.

He had no idea who I was.

It felt good to experience a bit of anonymity in this town.

It wasn't till I shook his hand and looked him right in the eye and introduced myself that he realized it was me.


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That is a funny feeling I shaved a mustache and goatee last year and was clean shaven for the first time in 14 years I think. I always keep it real short so it wasn't that big of a change but everybody sure noticed it. The comments I got were that I looked so much younger and much nicer without the gray facial hair, Younger I guess might be good but nicer! no damn way I grew it back right away.

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