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Cheap SG for slide?


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Well man if you were to get an Epi. SG it would be a decent guitar though the Epi. SG's in my experience have pretty poor tuners and the pickups and wiring arent the best if you were to find a good playing and sounding one then it would be a rarity i moded my Epi. out but put a few hundred dollars into an already $300 guitar. 2 suggestions that i can think of right off the bat are a Hagstrom F200 which are phenomenal playing blues/ jazz guitars, or an ESP Viper which are in my opinion a few steps above a Epi but not as great as the Hagstrom. Both the Hagstrom and ESP's body styles are in an SG form but there not exactly the same but to me there better sounding guitars and thats whats important to me, but in the end i guess you just gotta look around and do your research and buy what you think is best for your style. Good SG Hunting.

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