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decided on something ... different.


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So im surfing through the results for guitar parts and i came across this nice tailpiece meant for guitars at least 1 inch thick. I figured hey, my melody maker is about that and i get the holes would line up perfect with the strap button screw. sure enough it did, and i didnt have to drill any holes :) always a bonus.


some may not like this, but i think this is one of the coolest little mods ever. Plus i now have an excuse to justify the purchase of a tonepros or gibson/gotoh tune-o-matic bridge with roller saddles. the roller saddle bridge will go on my LP that has a bigsby and the stock bridge will make a move to the melody maker. :D no left over parts, no money wasted.






its amazing how a little piece here and there changes up the look. Ive always like floating tailpieces, but hollow body and semi hollowbodies tend to be uncomfortable. (except epi wild kats)


Plus now i can make cool harp-like sounds [flapper]

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