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Back in 1978 I bought my first Les Paul.


I was playing in a small band and I had a knockoff Les Paul (not even sure the brand) and one day I saw this gorgeous custom in a shop I frequented. The owner said he'd make a deal on it for me... The holder had left stains on the finish on the neck. Something about the rubber interacting with the finish.


Anyway details are vague but I bought that custom for $750 for so. I was a kid so I have no idea if I got a deal or not. I just remember how wonderful that guitar was. It was beautiful and it played like nothing I've ever played before. The action was so sweet it almost played itself. I loved the gold plate finish and how perfectly balanced it felt. I treasured that guitar.


Well in 1980 I got married and moved to Seattle. My wife and I were basically starving and I had little time for music cause I was always working so the guitar sat in its case a lot. I brought it out a few times but not much.


So one day my wife says... hey we should sell that... we need the money... I was heart broken but we did need the money. She told me she had a guy where she worked that would buy it. I trusted her (mistake) and being dumb I told her I had paid $750 for it. She took it and sold it to the guy...


I never saw a cent of the money as I found out a few months later why we were so broke. She was cokin it up big time. So my beautiful treasured guitar was probably sold for a mere $200 or so and snuffed up her nose 10 minutes later. If can't tell we've been "ex" for a LONG time.


Not that I need the pain but I wonder what a roughly mint condition 1978 custom would go for these days? I think I saw a similar one on eBay a year or so ago with a scratch or two on it go for around $3000 or so. Anybody have any idea?

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Sorry to here about that. A quick way to find out is to go to a large bookstore and look for the collectiable section. They always

have a guitar resale book. It may not be current but will give you a good range.


You'll find books from McDonalds toy giveaways to Matchbox cars.


Good Luck


Or just call Gruhns

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First rule of the Gibson forum: In the case of famine, you eat your wife, pets and relativves (and anyone weaker than you) first, then you eat parts of yourself not strictly necesary to play the guitar (for example a foot, if you use a lot of wah then you should choose which foot carefully) and then you consider selling your guitar.


Just kidding man... but seeing as she f-cked you up you should have considered eating her... I think its a sad story man, glad to read she has been on the EX list for a while.


I dont have any idea of the price your guitar would sell for today, it sure would have been more than 200... or way more than 750 for that matter... so are you still playing guitar?

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We think alike, Thundergod. But, I once traded a Ventures Model Mosrite for 4 retreads myself. So now I eat the siding off the house first as a lesson was learned!


Mark, stay out of jail on this one and forget the research. Think of it as a 70ies model and dismiss the active memories as good mental health on your part! Sorry man.



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What a sad story man. I am bumming now...


I can't recall what the years were, but I believe I've seen some Customs where they were asking 3-5K recently on Ebay... I think I saw one for 7k back in August... but there is a big difference between asking that and getting it.



Sorry for the loss, sir. I hate hearing about someone losing a great playing axe, let alone one that carries intrinsic value.

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Yup... young, stupid, broke and a wife into coke... man it doesn't get worse than that.


Yes I am still playing and doing a lot of personal recording. I use Macs and they come with Garageband but I've enjoyed recording so much I got Logic Studio.


I was using a Brian Moore iGuitar but just recently bought a robot. I waited until Guitar center went $500 off then bought it. I know the robot is a gimmick. I can usually tune by ear but at 51 years old I like the gimmick... Pick it up, pull the knob, strum and play. Simple as that.


I just restrung it this morning and that was a kick. Unstring it, put the new ones on. Hit string up then strum each string as it brings it right up to tension and in tune.


I don't think it plays quite as well as my custom did but then again I was 20 years old then. Not 50.


Thanks for the laments guys... It is a life lesson you never forget.



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