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Apart from the obvious. Is there a difference in build?


The B7s are sand cast, and the B70s are die cast......I suppose 'purests' prefer the sand cast......Some say there's a difference...


" Amplified Parts " seems to be a good place to buy them.......B7s and B70s weigh about the same.........


I figure you're thinking about your new Goldtop......I'd put one on it..There's also the " Vibramate " system; no need for drill holes..


IMHO, holes don't hurt guitars, bad geetar playing does......

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As long as it's not a B3/B30 there is no need for adapters or drilling. The strap button screw fastens everything securely, and string tension always ensures alignment. You can blow your cash if you're dying to have an extra doodad on you guitar, and you can drill holes all willy-nilly if you plan on playing the guitar in the pit at a Slayer show ... but both options are completely unnecessary.

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