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calling all gecko bursts! My peoples where you at?


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hello. I want to hear from people who actually own these. It's my dream guitar. that's right: I said it. the much disparaged gecko burst. I want one. where can I get one? Are there any old stocks still unsold in a warehouse or

in the back of a music store or perhaps hanging on a wall somewhere?


Oh well, I'd like to at least hear from those of you who own one, what you think about it. Especially those of you who have more than one lp and can compare the two ( a "normal" les paul vrs a gecko burst ).


Is this a Gecko?


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It's the color... sorry... not my cup o' tea.



Besides, I have a great LP already! You only need one... right guys?







[lol] [lol]

I hear you but I am not listening. :-" Recently got my 1st and already thinking of my next. It's a sickness.

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