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best drummer?


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I cringe every time I see this. The solo is fine, it's when he plays with the full band. Hey Neil, lay back; swing it. Not sure what made him think he could play that. He's a rock drummer and should stick to that.


Yeah, but he's gotten much better at it. During Rush's live acts he throws in some swings into his drum solo and it's much better now. He's always in the top 5 of any best rock drummer list. But the fact that he's still "insecure" about his playing makes him all that much better overall. He still has an appetite to learn. I think a lot of people, not just drummers, can learn from that attitude.

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I belive that Bonzo is king. ( He was a monster soloist but could switch from pocket to rip ya face off in 2 seconds--not to mention his dynamics )


But also,


Dave Grohl ( c'mon! Its worth listening to Nevermind just for the drumming--also has great dynamics )


Mike Portnoy, Charlie Watts ( to me at least. Master of beat keeping--but with soul ), Phil Rudd ( Cause' he keeps it rollin like a train and blends well with his two partners in rhythm: Cliff and Mal ), the drummer for James Gang ( forgot his name-listen to Walk Away....), Mr. Peart ( c'mon man! ), Alex Van Halen, and who I consider to be in my top 3 of drummers next to Bonzo and Peart--Peter Criss ( hes heavy but jazzy at the same time ). Speaking of Kiss, Eric Carr ( RIP ) and Eric Singer ( listen to Revenge and Alive III ) are/were kings of the skins as well.

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