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best drummer?


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as far as how tight they are with the band how steady they are and if you want you can add in some flashy players too what you got people?



some of my "heroes":

Bernard Purdie

Dave Garibaldi

Joe Morello


another good one, somewhat underrated, was Jeff Porcaro (Toto).

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Neil Peart, Bohnam, Moon......And all the classic jazz drummers.......Oh, and Ringo's son, Zack....


I prefer working with skilled jazz drummers than regular boring rock drummers......

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Flashy cats like Neil Peart and Herb Alexander are fine and I respect their insane skills, but I lean more towards pocket players or traditional play-to-the-song drummers. My all time favorites are


Levon Helm

Steve Shelly

Glenn Kotche


My exception to pocket players is Keith Moon (I love his work on Who's Next), although in any other band his drumming would not work.


Then there is that perfect blend of playing in the pocket, playing to the song, and whipping out sick skils: John Bonham, the greatest rock drummer of all time.


I love great jazz drumming too. The fascinating thing about being a drummer and songwriter and listening to jazz drums is how different it is from what I play. In rock, drums are the meter. In jazz, drums are color. If you can combine the two without sounding like a cheesy, fusion student, you are golden.

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