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Show us your ES 355

Kineman Karma

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Ive had two:


My 2010 Custom Shop. My go-to, and main guitar.





And a 2006 Custom Art Historic. Sold it this week - couldnt justify keeping it when i always used my other main 355.





Them both with my Falcon:





Love the 355, easily my favourite guitars ever. Phone pics, so they dont do the guitars justice.

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Oooooooohhhh . . . very nice. [drool] Can anybody confirm what picks these guitars have? I've been told 57 classics but the output on my 2007 355 guitar is far greater than my 335 which also has 57 classics. The 355 sounds raucous and loud whereas my 335 is quieter and has a more vintage tone. Very curious. For some reason i can't upload a picture of mine [angry]



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