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Why oh Why ???


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For months now this forum has run so slowly it has almost completely detered me from coming around any more.

I always enjoyed it here and with the new additions it looks like I would like it even more.


But when it takes 30 to 45 seconds to open a thread then reply and hit post and another 30 to 45 seconds shot to h#ll it kind of takes the fun out of being here.


And this is the only site that does this to me ...


Help !!!


You can email me at rdtrash1@msn.com because it would be so much faster for me to read it .

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Never heard of it. I have dialup (no choice due to geography). Will that be any hindrance? I've downloaded Firefox and my daughters think it works great for myspace etc but I don't see much difference with regular sites. Maybe I'll try Chrome....

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