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Serious GAS!!


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Can anybody please lend/give me $3500. Played this yesterday and got to have it!


1970 Les Paul Custom "Fretless Wonder"

Looks to be all original, probably recently re-fretted. Fast 60's neck. Very well taken care of. Would be a big brother to my son's 2005 Alpine White.

Sort of like bookends


I have to wait until the Publisher's Clearing House van shows up at my house with that huge check, and I'll see what I can do. [biggrin]

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Good Luck...I hope you can find the funds! My bandmate has a '68 Black LP Custom.

I think he'll be buried, with it! [biggrin] I had one, too, back then...

CharlieBrown19Summer1969withMarshal.jpg (Summer, 1969)


sold it, when I quit playing. (Dumb!!) But, "who knew," then? Later bought a '80 LP Custom,

(Cherry Sunburst), and it's a Great guitar, as well..."Norlin Era," or not.


So...if you can manage it, somehow, you'll not be disappointed! [thumbup]



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