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Wilco's The Whole Love is now streaming

Silenced Fred

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Yeah, that solo just kicked so much @ss!


Nels Cline's solos are orgasmic! On like 50 different levels


nat, chill out man [rolleyes]


I'm really not angry. If I was, you would know. I'm just enjoying Wilco while my friend sends me *****y messages on facebook cuz she's angry at me for no reason. Life couldn't be better man, I'm seriously content with life [thumbup]


Just sayin' if you wanna clog this up with trolly posts, please do that in one of the other threads. That's all I ask

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fair enough, i never heard of them before though...i'll give em a listen B)




Lots of people regard yankee hotel foxtrot as their best album ever, I also quite enjoy summerteeth and a ghost is born and their latest. the music is very busy and it often takes a couple of listens to understand it, but i dig em a ton


but then again, most of their listeners are in their 40s...

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