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Okay guys, I need your help on this one. I can't seem to find much information on google or by any other normal means, so I'd figure I'd ask here. I'm a regular over on the Epiphone part of the forum, but I'd thought I'd venture over here to get y'alls expert knowledge. Here's the specs that I know, and I need your help getting a model name. I'll bold the things I found weird.


Gibson Les Paul ___________?

1980? model (serial 8XXX0XXX, i think i remembered the coding correctly)


Flat top (like an LP special)

Two humbuckers, but with both humbuckers have magnets on bottom, like two bridge pickups)

Two 3-way switches kind of below the bridge, left of the knobs; no 3-way switch in normal LP position


At first, I thought this was some catastra**** of a crack-head's dream, but the control cavity on the back seems to be large enough to accommodate the two 3 way switches, so it SEEMS like this was standard from the factory.


Okay, the backstory and why I don't have photos. Saw it in a local pawn-shop today, but I didn't get to play it or take pictures of it (so people can't tell the po-lice that it's really their property and was stolen). Condition was okay (not bad for being 30 years old) and the price was just a shade over $300, which is the real reason I'm asking about it at all.


Does ANYBODY know if this guitar was something Gibson actually produced, or is it botched up nightmare from the early 80's?


Muchos Gracias for the help!

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Sounds like a Gibson Sonex.


Nope, not a Gibson Sonex from what I can tell. I've looked at the first 3 or 4 pages of google images, and it's close but no match. The two switches are underneath the bridge. As in south of the humbuckers. This is driving me crazy! Thanks for the help so far though

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It seems that what I might have found is a "Gibson Les Paul Artist Active model"




I found this thread that seems to describe what I found pretty well. Not hardly any info around the internet on the "Active" Artist model.


For around $300 would this be worth getting? Any real value in a one-off sort of prototype 80's Gibson be worth anything eventually?



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