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Gibson Owners Loyalty Incentive Program


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That's right. To my knowledge, they don't have one. But they should. Think about it. For those of us who love and acquire Gibsons, it makes sense. The more we can save, the more we can buy. If you have tried and true customers who have bought before why wouldn't you want to offer them a "loyalty" bonus to buy again? Maybe $500 off every $2,500.00 you spend. Or buy the guitar, get the case free. Or "Free" strings for a year.

The more you buy, the more you save. Take your loyalty voucher, then go make your best deal.


As often as I get G.A.S. I could use an offer like this right now.

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LiveSoundGuy, I like your train of thought...but we both know it's not going to happen.

People that own multiple guitars will buy them anyways and Gibson knows it.

The way you get deals is by walking into a store with cash or building a relationship with the music store, plain and simple.

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I like the idea. :) It would be nice if Gibson gave first shots at getting the new high end models. Or even limited editions.. not at a discount but at least a first shot to purchase??


Edit: Or limited editions where you have to own say, five, other Gibson's in order to qualify to purchase.




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Gibson is a business, not a charity.


Nobody suggests Rolls Royce or Bentley offer loyalty bonuses.


The product itself is the bonus - AND why you come back to buy more.


Maybe you would like them to shake your schlong after you pee, or something :)

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Sounds good to me!!!


Well, er, the guitar part anyway....


Nik is right, Tim (R9) too.


Remember the Custom Shop thing they did a few years ago?

You had to pay Gibson to be a member just to be able to shop and order....


I understand high-end, exclusive stuff is a different world than most of us live in, so the rest of us just keep shopping.


I dunno, is this a good enough start?





(Don't tell anybody the two on the ends are no longer in the NeoCon Compound - sold the MM and the SG Classic)

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