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i know these get some guff: they're hollow, raw, ugly, etc.




I've sanded and treated the top with Tung Oil. I rewired with shielded wire and dropped in a Duncan Pearly Gates. I sanded the tailpiece and bridge (a lot!) to improve grounding. I also fitted a truss rod cover and a cap for the toggle switch.


It's becoming my favorite player too: it sounds great and I am not afraid to ding it whatsoever. [wink]




anyone else have a BFG? thoughts?



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i've only played a GM sig BFG and couldn't get on with it... :unsure:


this guitar plays fantastic. i really like the concept of a stripped down "beater" LP, and this one in particular just feels right.


my R9 gets babied, but i can beat up on this one.


here's another pic, with the original pickup still in place. you can also tell how much went into improving ground on the tailpiece. Prior to sanding, it wasn't conducting at all. [biggrin]




to each their own, of course!

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