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Flame or no Flame?


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In most cases, finish will not affect value. Everyone has their favourite colours and specs of course, but a used 2000 LP standard in honey burst will sell for the exact same value as a used 2000 LP standard in ebony in a music store.... assuming they are in the same condition of course. What I can insure you is that flame bursts are more popular and will sell faster, whether it's in a store or on eBay, due to the fact that they're just more popular among guitarists. (I have GAS for an R9 so bad right now....)


Just out of curiosity, do you want to sell your R8?

And how close are you to Alberta, Canada?


Just kidding of course....

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based on list prices of 3600 for an R8 and 5600 for an R9, the R9 retains it value in today's current market.


used R8s go for about $2000 and used R9s for about $3500 (depending on year, finish, top, etc, etc). therefore based on these ratios, the R9 retains about 63% of it value vs 55% for an R8.


as an investment, save your money and put it into something else. with the exception of the monster top R9s from the 90s or the limited Braz, Stingers, etc, an R8 or R9 isnt really gonna net you a lot of cash. they are just way too common.

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