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-Battle of the Telecasters- (Round 1)


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Presenting Round 1 of the Battle of The Telecasters.

The winner will face :oilpit: for round 2. By the time we're done, Tim/R9 is going to be so jealous he is going to have to go out and buy a Tele for himself.



Thundergod's 60th Anniversary American Ash Telecaster

























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Wolff' date=' in all fairness you should remove the features of your guitar underneath those photos.[/quote']


Why? TG is allowed to put in any description he wants too. The fact that mine is a Keef Tele is part of the appeal, no? I'm not trying to be a wise-*** just trying to figure out what you are getting at.

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i have a blonde tele with a stacked humbucker (single coil sized) in the neck and i know how cool these things can sound > i have to go with wolfes on that note > although they both are really nice

i think ill have to put a full sized one on now hahahaha

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Again, TG can add whatever description he wants. What he sent me along with the photo links is : '60th Anniversary American Ash Telecaster' which is exactly what I wrote in the poll title. I'll get rid of my specs if ppl think it's unfair somehow. :)

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I dont really mind... almost same specs, but made in the USA and no humbucker... pure tele tone.


I knew Wolff's would winn but the current rate is ridiculous...


So, if I loose with a huge difference in votes... does it make me an honorary Canadian member of the forum? :)

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I just voted for the American Tele with single coils. Which is what a Tele is, ahem.....


As a Tele player for the last several years, '91 American triburst, I just came back home to Gibson with my new ES-339.


If you put a humbucker in a Tele, it's just not a Tele. You can chop up a Strat all you want, but a Tele is...... A Tele.


And I'm all for American made. If you're gonna import them, change the name..........



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