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HELP! Just want to make sure this is a legit les paul


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I have the opportunity to pick up a Les Paul Custom. I have gone through the pictures carefully checked the serial and it said it was made in 2006. I just cant find a similar looking Les Paul anywhere. with the same color. This would be my first Gibson purchase I just want to make sure its the real thing. I can get more pictures if needed. It looks to be wine red but it goes to black which I have never seen.


Any help would be appreciated

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I do not believe this is a legitimate Les Paul Custom.


1. The fingerboard should be ebony, not rosewood.

2. The fingerboard inlays shouls be mother of pearl, not acrylic.

3. The headstock binding and nut are not true to the genuine Gibson style.

4. The headstock seems too narrow, although this may just be the paralax of the shot.

5. The color, as you mentioned, is unusual for Gibson, to say the least.

6. The fret ends go over the binding, rather than having nubs.

7. The headstock veneer and diamond inlay don't look right.


My $0.02/FWIW



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Fake!! Unless you don't mind, fakes...Please, buy only from someone you know,

or who has the receipt, from a legit Gibson dealer. Something you can "trace!"

E-bay, and CL, etc., are rife with Phonies! I buy (new or used) ONLY from my

dealer. They often have great used guitars, at the same, or even less, than

E-bay, or CL sells for. And, I KNOW they are legit!



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it would of been around $800-900. I was trading for it. That's why I thought it was to good to be true. Usually I don't deal with buying from eBay or Craigslist. I usually go to my local stores to get gear. The only Gibson dealer in my area is guitar center and I don't like dealing with them. Again thanks for everyone's help

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alright thanks for all the replies. I just backed out of the deal




thank you

Good job. The diamond inlay looks like it was assembled by someone without a clue (could've been me). The sides of the triangles are supposed to align perfectly with the sides of the rectangles. If you extend the lines, it should create a diamond. This is definitely not the case here. Also, everyone failed to mention it's a Custom Shop guitar and therefore should have the CS serial number due to its age.


I posted this picture on another page on this forum for a guy trying to determine if his Craigslist Gibson was a fake. He showed a picture of the serial number 017160521. So I responded with a picture of a guitar I saw on Craigslist. It seems the Custom Shop was so busy on June 20th, 2006, they decided to cut major corners with those guitars.



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