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Epiphone SG nut


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I'm looking for a new top nut for my epi SG. My old one has a chip in it. 2 questions:


(1) I want a white one, does anyone know where I can get one in the UK or online shipped. I ask as I'm worried about the string spacings and wanna make sure I get the right one

(2) are they easy to fit? If so how?


Thanks for your help

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Sorry, I didn't answer question #2.

If this is the first time you've done one then it will take some time. I am assuming you wanted the pre-slotted kind. Even with the slots pre-cut, you will still have to do a little fine tuning. And the nut itself will not fit exactly. You will need to get some sandpaper and sand some off the sides, bottom and maybe top. You might even want to get 2 nuts just in case you mess up.


The first time I put on a new nut it took me quite a long time. I eventually had to get another one because I did not like the job I initially did. The second time came out much better.

I have now put new nuts on all 8 of my guitars. Each time you do it you will get a little better at it. So don't get discouraged if you get frustrated.


Good luck! [thumbup]


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