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Why distinct Epiphone logos?


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I have bought a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top two weeks ago and yesterday I have noted that the logo of the neck is different than the Epiphone official logo. I think this is not a good practice. Could you explain this issue?


I attached a photo with my logo (up) and the official one (down).



Thanks and regards

post-41179-032381700 1330530804_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to the forum.

No cause for alarm. There really is no official logo. The logo has changed over the years, and is different on different models.

For example, the one you call "official" is the one on my 2006 Dot. But it's not the one on my other epis.

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Thanks for the answer!


I think you are right but it's confusing to use different logos. I have never seen an "official" logo (web, guitars, catalogs, etc) with the € at the end of the word Epiphone like the logo of my guitar. It's strange for a newbie like me.


Thanks again for your help!

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Welcome to the forum. Stick around and have some fun!

Congrats on your LP, by the way.

If you get a chance get an Image Shack or Photobucket account and get some pics up.


At the top of the Epiphone Lounge is a DIY by Animalfarm. It explains how to post pics....Thumbnails are so limiting.


As to the logo....As long as it's not an Epiphony you're in good shape.



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if it makes you feel any better, the gibson logo is inconsistent as well. open/closed "o", connected/separate dot over the "i". epiphone (and gibson) has used several logos over the last century or so.


i think three of mine have the top logo and one has the bottom one.

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