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Ive been on a little bit of a leslie west kick lately, just because his tone is awesome! (i know he is also known for his vibrato, but im focusing on tone here) while i am not blown away by his picking, and i dont think anyone is, it is his tone that makes me go "wow!" what guitar players do you think have the best tone?

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Peter Green; Paul Kossoff.


[thumbup] +1 for Pippy


Also favorites of mine...

Clapton on the Bluesbreakers LP

Billy Gibbons on ZZ Top's Fandango - the tone on the live side is just sick!

Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham in Thin Lizzy - Cowboy song is the best rhythm LP tone ever

Alex Lifeson on the first few Rush albums - crunchy goodness

Rory Gallagher and Brian May for single-coil goodness

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