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ES-335 after care


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im the proud owner of a lefty antique burst figured 335


I flew from London to Germany to go get it. its a brand new made in 2010 model so a one piece rosewood fretboard and she plays like a dream


now I got a LP and an SG and owned many other guitars in the past but this is my first semi hollow body.


what do you do to keep a 335 in good shape, other than the usual temperature, wipe it down after use, keep in case when not in use stuff?


I.E is it like an acoustic? do you have to use a humidifier in the case? or treat it the same as a LP/SG?



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I've owned and played semis for many years, a 335 from 1980-2000, and a 345 2000-present. For care, maintenance and usage, I've found these guitars to be MUCH more in the solid body category than the hollow body category. Therefore, if you treat them the same way you do your LP and SG you can expect many years of enjoyment.

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