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70's 9v mini amp


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Back around '73 or so I bought a small 9v dark red amp that looked pretty much like an effect pedal, but wider.

It had a small 2" or so speaker in it, volume, drive, ect, and you could run a 1/4 line out to a gibber amp to get the same tone it produced, thus acting like an LPB-1 in away.

You could also jack it into a board or PA system, and get the same sound.


I thought it was a Zeus, but I am coming up empty with a Google search with pics of it.

The brand may have been different.


Anyways, it was a great little practice amp, and sounded even better when jacked into a nice PA system.

Anyone remember this unit?

I think it was in the $50 range or so back then.

I used it with my '73 Les Paul Deluxe, and it sounded very good.

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Back in the mid 70s I bought a 12V practice amp that I used to take into the woods when doing camping trips in the boonies with the 4 X 4. It was a Peavey Decade and it cost about $150 at the time but it sounded surprisingly good for such a tiny amp though it had a pretty good punch and tone variation.I still have the amp as it is just about bullet-proof and can be plugged into the wall as well as the cigarette lighter.

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Did a search again just now and found my old amp.

Wish I still had it.

Near the bottom of the page.




Randy Rhodes helped design it to sound like an over driven Marshall stack.

It really did sound good, wish I could get another.




Zeus Mini Amp byAudio Systems


A great sounding Mini amp that was designed by Zeus Audio with Randy Rhodes to sound like a cranks full marshall stack. Excellent heavy distortion sound. Randy used a Zeus Mini Amp 8401 in his travel pedal board for practice.

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With my Google search yesterday I ran across an expired sale on Ebay.

I called my local guitar shop I deal with, and the techs on hand had never heard of it (owner was off yesterday, but I am sure he has heard of it) so they recommended I call up this famous place in Seattle.



They deal with vintage guitars and I guess when the rock stars are in town, they hang out there.

Check the ling for who shops there.


Talked with the owner and he knows of the small amp and has had them in the past, but none any right now.


That little amp was ahead of its time, and I am kicking myself for getting rid of it and my original Big Muff from the early 70s.

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