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New Superman Teaser


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So first we had the Batman Reboot and now after the terrible last Superman film they have just released this teaser for the new one..


Like what they did with Batman, made it a bit more real.. I know its only a teaser but this looks like it will be similar with a more gritty look... I hope it pans out that way.. the last one really was aweful (even Kevin Spacey was bad in that one).


See what you reckon... (no youtube yet so an external link)


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I wonder why they do not pick up again from the last one though that had Brandon Routh in it?

Not sure lol... who knows why they make these decisions.. Same with the Spiderman film.. did they really need to tell that story again..


But the new Man of Steel seems to be concentrating on when he leaves home to discover who he is.. that sounds pretty good to me :) [thumbup]

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