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Bought in a trance


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In some kind of trance i bought a beat up 69 special for 1550 $ and that's before my tax, oh s... hope she's good.


I was in some kind of shock after the biding, i really can't remember all those bids i did.

So i have decided to try keep away from Ebay and online stores from now. Buy less- practice more

And i have put one guitar and two amps up for sale in Norway, hate to sell but i kinda feel stupid having all this gear when don't really play so great.



So i have gotten several buyers to all my items, but have come up with excuses that i can't go through with it before after this weekend. Man i suck at being a seller.

My adds are not like Ebay, i can just delete 'em and walk away if i want . But if do i have wasted some nice peoples time, and i hate to do that so......


Up for sale is


Gibson Sg 50th anniversary 24 (sounds great)

Mesa Boogie stiletto ace

Egnater tweaker 40 (amazing amp for the prize)


Total i have gotten bids for 3500$ on this 3 items.


Don't really need the money, So i know "i can only know what to do" but i ask after all. SHOULD I SELL OR NOT






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Hello! I just sold my Ibanez RGA32-MOL. I did, because I don`t use it since I have my Classic Custom. It was a nice guitar, but the kind of sounds I needed it for, I can get from the CC now. But normally that would have never been an acceptable reason for me to sell an instrument. The guys from DOT caught me, so my car is at the authorities for inspection right now. To get it back I have to pay quite a lot. So I decided to sell the guitar that is not used anyways. (Those idiots at the DOT hunt US-made cars here because of the non-European-standard headlights. This costed me one of my guitars. If ever have to choose between any of my Gibsons or the Fender, I would let the car go... [cursing] ). Cheers... Bence


P.S.: So, do not sell, if it`s not necessary.

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As already stated by others, I wouldn't sell if I didn't need the money. There's a reason you purchased all this gear. You might not be playing on a level you want at this time, but you obviousy have a dream and desire to play guitar. Let these instruments inspire you. You may never be the next Clapton, or even the next "me"---LOLOLOLOLOLOL [thumbup] , but you do want to play. Buying all this gear is part of the process so many of us go through. We're not great....but maybe one day.........Hang in there. There are far worse habits.

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+1 I`ve never been, and probably never be one whom You can call a guitar player, but I love the instrument itself. L`art pour l`art. All the beauty of the wood, the touch, the scent of it. Love the way as the tone forms according to the pressure applied to strings and frets, or the way the sound gets altered by those tiny gadgets I connect between the guitar and the amp. These things especially true for the Gibsons I own. Even just looking at them is a joy. Cheers... Bence

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