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question re: LP Jr bridge

Junior Jr III

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I've just replaced tuners and bridge on an LP Jr and need to set the intonation. The bridge is a GFS intonated wraparound and I wondered how close to perfect will I be able to get this? Do I have to use a bridge with independent saddles? I like the idea of keeping this fairly true to the original setup. I've got another Jr where the low E is out of register while the others are fine. It has the stock wraparound bridge and tuners.

Probably I just need to have patience and spend more time fiddling with the set screws and height adjustment. Tips from the experienced please?

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As far as I am aware, early Juniors were casual as to intonation... [biggrin]


I use a top quality Junior copy which has a straight wrap around with no thought for adjustment


Sounds fine to me [thumbup]






+1. I have an original '59 and the straight wraparound sounds fine to me too!

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