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1971 gibson sg deluxe with bigspy


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I am really upset what's up with some people in this world today I've posted pics with nothing but the truth about this great playing guitar decided mostly because of the terrible economy right now that people are selling their instruments for low cost to begin with ,but with that said ,made a deal on this guitar to be sold today with a person whom said I will meet you with the cash just wanna make sure its what you say it is, so I went out of my way about an hour drive to meet him and suddenly he thought I would accept 500.00 trying to tell me all this crap about the guitar Isint this nor that I'm so frustrated now to the point where I would rather smash the guitar off of sidewalk before giving a 41 yr old all original to him to hang in his shop for I'm sure a much larger cost sorry but just needed to vent .wow is all I can say . And the agreed amount was 1200.00 for a great solid body original just had it professionally strung and cleaned also for him .

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