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Note that the Hangul has three syllables for the word "style." <grin> Technically they read - if not part of a word - Suh-Stah-Eel. Or "Eer," given that a "Lee-air" in the alphabet stands for either "L" and "R" sounds.




Yes! Phonetically spelling English words with Hangul. As a joke my wife will pronounce words like they are written in Hangul. Very funny.

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One time in Seoul a friend asked me to read the sign on a store.


Your wife will love this one.


It read, as remember the way I tried to transliterate the Hangul, "Gol-up-uh Ee-koo-Ee-puh-muhn-tuh"


Yup, "Golf Equipment." <Chortle>


Hey, at least I could always find a dabang... I gave up on trying to pronounce the Korean for "toilet" not only because of the difficulty, but because anywhere I went in Korea they knew "toilet" as well as "beer" or "Kopee," both of which increase the use of the other word. <grin>


All kidding aside, I think anyone interested even in learning English well should learn Hangul. It really taught me a lot about how modern English ignores some realities of pronunciation. Different in different English dialects, but the general rule that we ignore those realities remains true.



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