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Interesting new Gibson tour vid


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So we've all seen the Gibson tour videos... BUT what I found really interesting is hes playing one of those new Midtown P90s (and man it sounds AWESOME).. I WILL HAVE ONE OF THOSE GUITARS!!!! :)


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Very good video, just watched it here at work before I start work.


What I find interesting though is how he mentioned there are no seconds that come out of the factory.

Awhile back I was interested in maybe picking up the new Midtown, but I read reviews of it, and a few said they had some quality control issues such as the volume/tone knobs being put on crooked, paint not lining up.

Would this be considered a second, or more of a lack of quality control?


I will say my 2012 SG '61 Reissue was flawless when I got it.

It just needed a proper setup.


Guitar Center wanted to sell me one off of their wall that had been played with quite a bit, and I said no, I want a brand new one shipped from the factory to the store, then I will come in and pick it up.

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I thought the Midtown's came with Richlite boards. How come this has a rosewood board?

Midtown Customs came with Richlite (one of the things that put me off).


The new P90 ones (thankfully) have Rosewood and I will have to get one.. I just think for the price they are the most amazing deal.



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