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Favorite Beatles Song!


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Boy Band? Elvis was the first one-boy band wonder. Once the teenage girls started screaming in their seats, everyone wanted a piece of that monetary action. The Everly Bros songs were often about teen love & added hookish harmonies. The Beach Boys, my pick for the first true boy-band, wrote their own material about teen love, high school, cars, the beach, girls on the beach, etc. How the term might play out today is a different matter, but I see nothing wrong or inaccurate with the term boy-band being applied to many of the groups that came out of England in the mid '60s. If you were twenty something years old & were trying to survive by playing music, you sure as heck didn't have a home studio, and you were going to need help & a few lucky breaks to go anywhere. So a guy comes along & says "put on these suits & I'll market you." Okay, why not give it a shot?

Oh, my favorite Beatles song: the simple shuffle of Get Back.

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The key difference here, though, is that most of the vintage bands that could be "boy bands" were playing on their own, regardless of the svengali pulling the strings. The Beatles spent years scuffling around Hamburg and most others were doing what they did with eyes on a much smaller prize back then.


Looks like this is basically a semantic argument -- and a little silly at that. No matter what the Beatles were, what they became is all that matters.

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