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Here's an 80's Aria Pro II CSB-300 I got off eBay several years ago. It was pretty much firewood then: beat-up & cracked body, severely corroded bridge, and huge pickup and bridge routs which rendered it useless for standard size parts. It's been floating around in the basement (in pieces) for years. I actually tried to give it away last summer, and had no takers.


I decided to restore it about a month ago. My son made hard-maple blocks to fill the pup & bridge routs, then we re-routed for a humbucker. I planned on using a Fender bridge, but this is a 32" scale with a very narrow neck (it actually requires 2" string spacing!). Our forum friend Bassilisk set me up with a Hipshot "Ric" replacement bridge from his vast array of parts, and it is absolutely perfect for this bass. I used a Gibson TB+ humbucker, Gibson 500K pots, and Gibson Speed Knobs (so I don't feel like a traitor). I shot it with 4 coats of Ford "Chrome Yellow" and 3 coats of clear.





The bass sounds very good, but the pup is too close to the bridge for me; I just ordered a Lace Alumitone Deathbucker for a neck pickup.

More mods to come... I think this 32" is going to be one of my Favorites. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for being part of the plan! That bridge is wonderful - it wouldn't have come together without it. 4_19_1.gif


My pleasure. It sure wasn't doing much in my parts box. I had gotten it for an '86 Ric that was white with black trim and hardware. It was okay for a Ric but it turned into fodder for other things so the bridge stayed with me. And now it's finally making music somewhere else, as it should be.

Looking forward to seeing that Alumitone in there!


The Binford 3200!!! That killed me...

(inside joke!)

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The Mailman delivered the Lace Deathbucker yesterday, so I broke out the router and the soldering gun. She's finally complete. Gibson TB+ at the bridge, Lace Alumitone Deathbucker at the neck, 1 volume and 1 tone with a push-pull switch to kick in the bridge pup. She's wearing DR Black Beauties - sexy thing! The Deathbucker did the trick. I'm getting nice deep lows with crystal clear highs; add the bridge pup and it growls beautifully. I love the 32" scale and the narrow fretboard; the playability is amazing - almost effortless.


I used it at practice last night and already have some fingernail scratches on it [scared] .

Oh well - this will be no wall-hanger........[sneaky]




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