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Melody maker bridge question....


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I know this is the Les Paul forum, but I have not gotten a response on the other forums. I have a '07 Melody Maker and I would like to get a compensated bridge/tailpiece i was wondering what kind i should get, or should I do a tune-o-matic with a stop tailpiece, which I would need to drill holes for the tailpiece. (like Joan Jett)



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I'm sure someone still makes an adjustable saddle bridge to fit over the large posts. Back in the seventies there was a bridge called a Leo Quan Badass, that was a direct replacement adjustable upgrade for a MM or Firebird. The saddles were individually adjustable like an Tune-O-Matic and it had adjusting screws to move it front to back on the large posts. I had one on a '64 Firebird III, perfect intonation.


Here's an original ad I found on e-bay.



Here's one for sale.


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