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  1. Ha! No problem. "Each to his own, "YMMV", and all that kinda stuff.. But yeah, when I tried out this 2015 LP Special DC in the store, I immediately took a liking to those alnico slug P90's. I had it plugged into a Twin there (GC) - which certainly didn't hurt the tone any - but once I got it home and ran it through my amps (Deluxe Reverb, Vox AC15, and '69 Champ), I was still enamored with the tones I was getting from these pickups. The fact that it was on sale for $599.99 didn't hurt, either.
  2. I felt the exact opposite. I bought my 2015 LP Special Double Cut precisely because I did love the sound of the alnico slug P90's.. Well, that, and the light weight of this one. (And the blow-out price didn't hurt, either!)
  3. Gotta love Gibby P90's..
  4. A real beauty! I came *this close* to buying a 2010 LP Std Trad Pro a couple years ago on CL. Probably shoulda done it.. Great photos as well.
  5. Yeah, to be honest, those inlays threw me off at first - I prefer the double trapezoid - that's why I wanted to "sleep on it".. But then I decided for the price, I might as well go back and get it - But as I mentioned, the next day it was long gone...
  6. Shoulda grabbed this one at Sam Ash a while back for a grand. They probably would have come down a tad, as well. Not sure of the year - Maybe someone can chime in on that.. Went home to sleep on it - then went back the next day to get it. Gone!
  7. I had an '07 (I believe it was) Special Faded that I never should have sold. Well, actually it was involved in a trade (with some other gear) for my new 2013 Standard (which I love), but I should have kept the Faded as well.. Great SG.
  8. 2007 DRRI (With my 2017 Memphis 335 Studio)
  9. Yep, they get great reviews - and justifiably so!
  10. I've got both finishes (gloss and satin) on my Epi Masterbilts, and love both finishes.
  11. Yeah, that gloss top on the 500 is really nice.
  12. I've got two Epi Masterbilts - a 2015 DR-500MCE (Indonesia) and a 2017 DR-400MCE (China), and they both play and sound fantastic.
  13. Same Guy

    New Es335

    Congrats! I hear you on the 335 Studios. I absolutely love mine! I've got a 2017 (that I got at the CME blowout of that year), and this guitar just keeps getting better and better.
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