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  1. Yep, they get great reviews - and justifiably so!
  2. I've got both finishes (gloss and satin) on my Epi Masterbilts, and love both finishes.
  3. Yeah, that gloss top on the 500 is really nice.
  4. I've got two Epi Masterbilts - a 2015 DR-500MCE (Indonesia) and a 2017 DR-400MCE (China), and they both play and sound fantastic.
  5. Same Guy

    New Es335

    Congrats! I hear you on the 335 Studios. I absolutely love mine! I've got a 2017 (that I got at the CME blowout of that year), and this guitar just keeps getting better and better.
  6. I snagged a brand new 2017 335 Studio in the CME blowout of that year (for a fantastic price), and love it. It's got a '57 Classic in the neck and Super '57 in the bridge. Baked maple fretboard, but it sounds great to my ears - nice and snappy. Build quality is superb. Can't say enough good things about it. (It came sans pickguard, so I added one.)
  7. These are great. I just got one myself.
  8. I passed on this one at Sam Ash a while back. Still kicking myself...
  9. Same Guy


    Congrats. I've got a 2015 LP Special Double Cut, and love it.
  10. Thanks! I think the 2014's are pretty close to the 2013's in quality - from what I've heard.
  11. That's what I hear about the 2013 Standards as well - pretty much exactly like the previous year's '61 RI (other than the smaller headstock, etc. that you mentioned). And yes, this 2013 Standard is just a fantastic SG.
  12. I've got a 2013 Ebony Standard, which from what I understand is pretty close to the '61 Reissue. In any event, it's a fantastic SG.
  13. A friend of mine recently sold his '72 w/ Bigsby. Light as a feather, and had the really slender neck. The "Gibson"-embossed T-Tops sounded amazing.. I still regret not buying it from him..
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