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  1. I snagged a brand new 2017 335 Studio in the CME blowout of that year (for a fantastic price), and love it. It's got a '57 Classic in the neck and Super '57 in the bridge. Baked maple fretboard, but it sounds great to my ears - nice and snappy. Build quality is superb. Can't say enough good things about it. (It came sans pickguard, so I added one.)
  2. Gotta go with Hercules.
  3. These are great. I just got one myself.
  4. I passed on this one at Sam Ash a while back. Still kicking myself...
  5. Same Guy


    Congrats. I've got a 2015 LP Special Double Cut, and love it.
  6. Thanks! I think the 2014's are pretty close to the 2013's in quality - from what I've heard.
  7. That's what I hear about the 2013 Standards as well - pretty much exactly like the previous year's '61 RI (other than the smaller headstock, etc. that you mentioned). And yes, this 2013 Standard is just a fantastic SG.
  8. I've got a 2013 Ebony Standard, which from what I understand is pretty close to the '61 Reissue. In any event, it's a fantastic SG.
  9. A friend of mine recently sold his '72 w/ Bigsby. Light as a feather, and had the really slender neck. The "Gibson"-embossed T-Tops sounded amazing.. I still regret not buying it from him..
  10. I put the "short" ES guard on my 2017 ES-335 Studio. I like it a lot better than the no pickguard look.
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