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  1. The 2001 SG Standard is not expensive .
  2. I bought a Lifton '59 reissue, vry good quality and nice. It' s on the Faber website
  3. I prefer the previous USA Casino, beauty Awesome headstock
  4. The inlays on your Les Paul are real mother of pearl, not plastic. Inlays look how they must look, don' t worry.
  5. Try to clean with Gibson pump polish or something neutral
  6. My favorite are ELIXIR Nanoweb 10/46
  7. Okay, I think it' s a C profile (medium)
  8. How is the neck profile on a 2012 SG Standard ?
  9. Hi, I wanted an easy guitar playing unpluged too so I bought a vintage sunburst Casino. The guitar is great, nice finish, the feeling is not the same than playing anES-330 Gibson but for the price it' s OK. The only part I upgraded is the pickguard. the case is a cheap tweed from Spider uk. I order the long version tailpiece , same on the US Model for more precision in the sound.
  10. Remove the 490T and install a 498T, you will have an incredible set, the 490T is not a good humbucker but this one sound better on a Les Paul. I have an SG Special loaded with Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1, fantastic set.
  11. Thanks, this 2015 SG Std is incredible, I love the slim taper neck, the trans ebony finish, real MOP inlays ... I bought it new $850 and with cool upgrades the SG is very close to a 61 Ri , great Gibson SG
  12. Hi, I made cool upgrades on my SG : - KLUSON Revolution machine heads (GForce removed) - Historic TRC - TUSQ GraphTech adjustable nut - Les Paul custom tenon cover - 5 ply 60° bevel pickguard - M69 humbucker rings - Gibson ABR-1 bridge - Vintage repro knobs smooth top - Heavy knurled Switchcraft nut, Historic switch tip
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