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  1. Doubt you will find anyone willing to trade 57's for EMG's.
  2. I would look at the '61 RI, absolutely love them and would sell off most of my possessions for a pristine white '61 RI. Go for the custom shop if you're looking at more of an aesthetics approach.
  3. Gibson ES355 with a bigsby and a Mesa triple rec.
  4. The fact she looks exactly like a female version of her father with big lips?
  5. You should tell that to all the fangirls I see at concerts and on forums. It gets rather sickening.
  6. Number 7 is definitely my favorite, no redheads though?
  7. Definitely the most horrid thing I've heard today, thanks.
  8. Beautiful Rickenbacker cookie.
  9. Porn with tattoed girls? Anyways my lady friend loathes porn so I wouldn't watch it even if I did have the urge.
  10. I'm pretty interested in what those pups sound like.
  11. That's probably the route I would go since there doesn't seem to be a plethora of left handers for rockman.
  12. I've liked Foo Fighters for quite a long while now (everlong vid introduced me to them, still one of my favorite music vids).
  13. Stone Temple Pilots were amazing in chicago a couple years ago, Gregg Allman was superb when I saw him with Dave Matthews Band in Little Rock Last year, and 30 Seconds to Mars put on a hell of a live show (Grand Prairie, TX) last December. Feel kind of weird saying this but Garth Brooks put on an awesome show on his world tour stop in kansas city when I was like 11 or so.
  14. Really liked Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon as well as The Stand. Michael Crichton wrote some of my favorites though.
  15. Terry Goodkind fan as well, been reading a lot of Stephen Lawhead and George R.R. Martin lately.
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