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  1. If this is the case I won't even bother renting it.
  2. I loved the T3/B I played when I was looking for my SG, still want one of those. Can't watch the vid right now, how do these compare to them?
  3. Jeff-7

    62 Les Paul SG

    I'd be a little wary of trying to sell an 11 thousand dollar guitar on Craigslist. Practically advertising to get robbed. Reverb.com is a pretty decent place to sell high end instruments. If dealing with shipping go with insurance and signature receipt in the off chance you get a scammer.
  4. I didn't get to see Mayer & Urban (wasn't interested to see them), KP wasn't very good and I wasn't impressed with Imagine Dragons "Revolution" but I enjoyed most of the other performances. Especially the ones featuring Walsh.
  5. lzzy and Yoda are/were two of my favorite posters, it's a shame they aren't around a little more often. Hope they're both doing well.
  6. Love love love my HW2X (alnico blues instead of greenbacks) and would recommend it but he would like something with reverb which this series doesn't have. If I had the extra coin like he does I'd grab a Fender '63 RI 'verb unit to go with it if he wants spring, otherwise I'd pair it with a Strymon BigSky or Dr. Scientist Reverberator. Maybe a Dr. Z?
  7. Had a kid from my high school OD on just Fentanyl, he had cut a patch of it in half and put them on his palms. RIP Mr. Hoffman, one hell of an actor.
  8. I just want Manning to win so sportscasters will shut up about how only having one ring keeps him from being one of the greatest QBs of all time. Raiders fan here.
  9. Ed Roman passed a year or two ago, not sure who owns/runs the shop now. I can't imagine finding too many great deals on pawn shop guitars in Vegas if Pawn Stars is any indication. Might find decent deals on some pedals *shrug*
  10. ^ I think nearly all PRS guitars are hideous.
  11. That would be one expensive porto. I'll stick with the tawny Taylor Fladgates.
  12. How every guitar they make should be? Without taking out a second mortgage? Not trying to be overly snarky, P, just think a 13k guitar is ridiculous. A bottle of port isn't helping matters. That was actually a great concept! Minus the JB sigs and graphics, the specs on the guitar were great.
  13. RMS is the amount of continuous power being produced by the amplifier. You normally want a higher rating on speakers than the RMS of your amp so they aren't blown when you get a spike in power. Even if your tubes aren't clipping much, if at all, you can still get spikes in power over the RMS rating.
  14. Hoho20 for 20% off at Proguitarshop. I don't buy from Prymaxe because of their business model and how they treat builders.
  15. It's probably not putting quite enough tension on the strings, you can retune with the capo on get the correct pitch. I'm more of a fan of the Shub, it makes getting the tension correct a snap.
  16. If it's anything like the Rock and Roll HoF, I'll go with Daft Punk first ballot.
  17. Blooz lawyers everywhere would spontaneously combust.
  18. I'm a big fan of Daniel Romano, he was playing lead for City & Colour (aka Dallas Green of Alexisonfire) a couple years ago on tour behind the Little Hell album. Played a very sweet Tele, great player. He was also the opening act for the show. Hadn't heard of him before then but I left with all his cd's.
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