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  1. 150 bucks really for one isn't really all that bad to be honest, especially if you had a bunch of people willing to pitch in for one.
  2. Unfortunately Kansas law doesn't allow grocery or convenience stores to sell liquor (or 5.0 alcohol beer for that matter), and you can't sell it after 11 or on sundays The only thing you can get is 3.2 beer and boone's farm.
  3. Buy 2, stack them and do the quadruple down cardiac attack.
  4. It's great, and Sake is pretty darn good too. I learned something a long time ago though, never eat sushi from a cheap Chinese buffet - death seems like such a sweet release after that.
  5. I always enjoyed the movie, Goldblum is a great actor and everything Will Smith touches turns to gold. It's an action flick with top of the line (at that time) special effects, I never expected it to be intellectually engaging.
  6. I was trying to be a bit more subtle
  7. Looking at some mesa triple rec's myself.
  8. I do a bit of golfing when I can find the time, don't have any Taylor's.. just a set of cheapie sparta's.
  9. I'd rather play one first before just purchasing it based on online reviews and listening to shoddy sound quality youtube vids.
  10. Really like that junior! Also people please don't quote posts with multiple links of oversized pics! :)
  11. This means that GC's true goals are to cause the dissolution of the human race!
  12. All the mom and pop stores around here have fenders, prs, etc. along with the epiphones and squeirs. They don't carry gibbys though, I had to travel to gc 2 hours away to get mine :) Also, called it on neo making an appearance!
  13. We're not talking about golf here..
  14. Looks like you got the twin to mine Just got mine a couple months ago. Sharp axe!
  15. [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEMKDhojytY[/YOUTUBE] Jared Leto, was in Requiem for a Dream, Alexander, My So Called Life among others.
  16. To be honest I rarely listen to local radio stations anymore, in the car I plug in the iPod and put it on random. When I'm home I listen to a Canadian rock station. One so called rock station, one "classic rock" station and 8 different country stations with a couple pop ones in my area. My choices are rather limited locally. Crossing my fingers for some good stuff this decade.
  17. I think I see Waldo behind one of the Bud cans.
  18. Indeed looks very nice.
  19. I dig it, ebony fretboard looks really nice with a white SG. Only two control knobs though
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