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  1. Repairing flood damage blows and is very costly. Good luck and (Inserty Deity here) bless.
  2. If you got all of the people who have ever played a special and a standard to post in this thread you'd still get varying answers. Play them (not just one of each, like any you can find) and get the one you like best. In the end it comes down to your personal taste, not some wankers on an internet forum.
  3. Hell yeah, blacklight triforce!
  4. Wish every Wal-Mart would get washed away. Some pretty gnarly pics there.
  5. My white SG is Selene.
  6. Imagine all the scurrying the employees were probably doing to get them above flood level. It was probably a mad house.
  7. If it's not modded or beat to hell you can get $800 for it on fleabay.
  8. I'll take being fussy as a compliment.
  9. Must not... rage... consuming....
  10. Notice in the pictures Gibby posted, the bevels have a deeper angle with a sharper taper to the horns and neck.
  11. I'll give ya one thing Blackie, you've had some pretty damn off the wall experiences in your life. Props.
  12. That's definitely the number one topic I see posted on every axe forum I visit.
  13. I thought this was going to be a thread about straight edge players.
  14. He must have found the wrong website for his bomb making instructions. Good for us, hope he gets it quick and painfully.
  15. Nashville is experiencing extreme flooding so I wouldn't be surprised. The Grand Ol' Opry house and hotel are both flooded.
  16. You can look back to any articles written by major media since file sharing programs surfaced like Napster, Bearshare, Limewire etc. Honestly it's a blessing for the music to be online from legit sources like Rhapsody and iTunes, physical cd's just get scratched and lost - think I bought the Core album by STP 3 times from overplaying and scratching the damn thing. Extra songs released only by downloading the album, videos from backstage and tour diaries are a very cool addition. Think I downloaded like 30 songs from napster before I was banned by Metallica back when I was in my early teens. I still dislike Lars because of this, even though he was in the right.
  17. It is Gibson's take on their original 1961 Gibson SG (it was basically their revamp of the Les Paul to overcome slumping sales and take back some of their share in the market from Fender and the like). It has a slightly different profile than modern SG's, a thinner neck profile and crisper beveling. It also has solid connection soldering instead of the current quick connect board. It also uses 57 classic pickups instead of the 490R 498t pups. As mentioned by CB it actually isn't as close to the original specs as the Historic issue is.
  18. PC, as for a gaming system of the 3 you have as your choices: Zelda or gtfo.
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