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  1. Sweet, did you get a decent deal on it?
  2. No, I'm only a few years older and listen to a lot of blues. Age has nothing to do with liking good music.
  3. I really can't stand that show, or any other so called reality shows either to be frank.
  4. I think everyone knows how you feel about GC
  5. I'm sure you could disable the sound rather easily, but you'd be done when the gaming agency checked the machine.
  6. I'm so used to them honestly I don't even wake up when the the sirens start blaring.
  7. It isn't plausible that he would be able to determine the winning numbers by being an employee at the convenience store where he purchased the ticket. He works at a convenience store, he's probably not a scheming genius who can hack into the lottery database to affect the outcome of the numbers drawn or to change the time stamp in the system. However if you do play the lottery check your own tickets or scan it yourself under one of the machines. Unfortunately many people who work at these places will scan your ticket and tell you it's not a winner even when it is and offer to "throw it away" for you.
  8. Woo hoo, probably means we're going to get a string of really nasty ones pretty soon... and yes she is pretty cute.
  9. I honestly wish even more energy would be consumed through the use of wind farms over other methods, hopefully this is a good step towards seeing it happen. Kansas has recently begun to use wind farms but the energy is being sold to other states.
  10. I noticed it when I sat down to try it out before I forked over the cash, my experience with SG's had been very limited so I just thought it was more of a standard thing when I purchased it.
  11. It's a dream to play, absolutely loving it. I had always been an acoustic guy but I would fiddle around on friends electrics - mostly Fenders. I wanted something a little different than what everyone else had. Tried out an SG and fell in love, had to search for months for a white standard (or a place that even sold Gibsons to be quite honest). Everyone tells me how sexy it looks and sounds, my friend I mentioned earlier has an ebony model and he said he immediately wishes he would have seen a white one - he would have bought it instantly.
  12. Are push pull pots a common feature on the new sg standards? I bought my new standard a month and a half ago and was jamming a bit with my friend comparing our sg's. His volume knobs don't have the push pull feature, think his is a 2002 or 2004 model. Just wondering if I got something out of the ordinary here.
  13. Guilty pleasure of mine. I prefer most of their previous albums though.
  14. This video is not available.
  15. I feel much more secure about purchasing something on ebay using paypal since you have buyer protection. If I see someone say they will not take paypal I will immediately move on out of fear of getting scammed.
  16. Don't sell outside the auction, use paypal only. I don't see why someone would need to call when they could just ask their questions outright through an e-mail in the first place. Not aware of any scams on there lately but always be careful and go through the proper channels.
  17. A humble axe player. Unfortunately not a category but an admirable one nonetheless.
  18. Enjoy it man, 2 other significant birthdays to go so enjoy it - 21 (duh) and 25 (yay cheaper insurance). Happy Birthday.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FDk7pGQAKo
  20. Underworld. Kate Beckinsale in a full body latex suit.
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