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  1. Sensationalism. Play off people's anger and fears to draw more ratings, which = more dollars and allows you to propagate your agenda. Limbaugh had made 66 million by June. Another example of greed, and the promotion of an extreme agenda for a political party. Happens on both the right and left side. The hand that feeds gets to say what/how these programs are aired. Actually, both of these are the problem. We've created a materialistic consumer society that wants everything and wants it cheap - no matter who they hurt along the way. To keep every penny in the pocket of execs and shareholders, most employees are given the minimum amount of hours, wages, and benefits that still allow enough productivity to keep up with demand. When the profits aren't as large as they were dreaming of, production is moved to an area with even lower protections and costs. *Obviously this isn't true for all companies, namely the biggest offenders. Wrong. Government jobs have been getting slashed, with wage freezes (wage freeze has been going on for five years here) for anyone on the lower end of the spectrum as well as hiring freezes where employees who are forced to retire or do so willingly are not replaced. More and more jobs are being outsourced (and in the case of Kansas and governor Brownback, outsourced out of state to those who fund his political campaigns). They also have the same crappy high deductible health plan that I have. They used to have a halfway decent Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, but that was axed with the demands of followers of this propaganda. The only high paying, great security jobs are on the upper end of the spectrum, all the way to the top. The "Cadillac Health Plans" some political parties were so adamant on preaching about? They weren't the average government employee, but their own figureheads in Congress. The ones so vehemently using this as an agenda topic. I didn't see them give that up, did you?
  2. Pelham Blue (Not TV) Sheraton with Lyre. That Gary Clark Jr. sig Casino.... Wilshire in an Inverness Green and p90s.
  3. You made me rethink how my posts have sounded M, I meant to say that Rose should definitely go for it. I was mainly just on a rant about today's music scenes.
  4. Very true, M. I was speaking mainly for my generation (the under 30's). Then again, it seems like with the advent of TV image became a very huge deal. Off topic but that's also why the visual perception can help some political candidates and hurt some otherwise brilliant political leaders. Sigh. But I wish it was more about the beauty of the music rather than sex appeal and spastic beats.
  5. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift grind that theory to dust. With autotune and paying someone to write your songs for you, if you want to be a superstar the record company can just doll you up and put you on tv. As far as dressing appropriately, watch some videos and live performances of a lot of pop stars today. Lots of skin, wardrobe "malfunctions," and throwing in as much shock value as you can is the norm nowadays. (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Nikki Minaj are just a few examples). That's not to say there aren't some seriously talented women making it big who aren't playing that game, Adele as was already stated, Florence Welch and a few others. For me, I always choose voice over how someone looks. Some of my favorite bands are the ugliest people you'll see on a stage. Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream listeners aren't the same way.
  6. Minus the Klon, that is one tasty list.
  7. UPS charges an exorbitant amount to ship to Canada. I've shipped pedals there before and the cheapest option will be USPS if they'll ship a package as large as a guitar. I can't remember for sure exactly why UPS charges so much more (something with customs I believe) but I remember UPS quoting 80 bucks for a large, heavier pedal while USPS charged like $22. Unless "she" marks the package as a gift you'll have to pay 20% VAT.
  8. Jeff-7

    2011 SG

    If that's your ebony right there it is indeed a standard. Looks like a RW board to me, pups are 490r 498t SG - well... yeah S- Standard EB- Ebony CH- I would assume chrome a la the hardware
  9. Phaser - Small Stone (Got mine for $50 off TGP, a lot of idiots there but their BST section is always pretty rockin') Overdrive - Smallsound/Bigsound F*ck OD (or the mini) if you hunt around you can find one for close to 100 bones and it's my favorite OD Delay - if you want analog I'd second a vote on the Malekko Ekko 616. I had the v1 lofi and it was awesome Distortion/Fuzz - Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom, a Dub built Tonebender clone, RAT is always a solid choice, EHX big muffs (old ones like tall font russians, albeit pricey, are great but the new ones honestly aren't bad) - ARC effects has a tall font russian clone that is pretty highly praised and his pedals look pretty stellar. About 60 bucks over your predetermined limit but if you splurge there I think you'll be happy. Can't help much with chorus as I honestly don't use it, I'd probably pick a flanger over one anyways. EHX small clones come in under your budget though. A lot of my suggestions would definitely have to be used to make your budget but if you're patient I think you can nab them for under $100.
  10. I'd like to try one of those m3s, Matt Sear seems to really like his.
  11. ^ and no JM necks. No options for unfinished (which I would want, tired of guitars not being offered in a color I desire so I'd finish my own). Also no routing/unrouted options. I'd like to build a tele like the early 90's tele plus but I'm not paying the prices they go for on ebay.
  12. Treble boost Overdrive Fuzz Delay Trem
  13. That puts street value at what, $1300? That's not too awful if you can end up haggling it down a bit more.
  14. Wish I hadn't even clicked on this thread.
  15. I think the stock fender rebranded tubes were just poor quality, the JJs I replaced them with were still going strong after 3 years when I sold the amp.
  16. I used to have one of the vibro champ XD's, pretty decent little amp. The tubes lasted about 3 months before they blew, don't know about these new super champs but you might nab a set of backup tubes just in case. I also swapped the stock speaker out, no real need but I wanted to change a couple things and it turned out pretty well.
  17. No, they cut ties with Bill. And it's a damn shame.
  18. Thirded, best ones I tried for my AC30HW. I'm not much into NOS tubes so I don't really know how they compare there though.
  19. Aren't they heavy on bass? Figured they'd be kind of tailored to rap/electronic.
  20. That still before you start the video... Someone stop that thing before it eats those jeans...
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