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    Welcome Bob - a fellow Scot from Uddingston here. Nice to have you on board. Keep us updated on any Gibson acquisitions!
  2. Yep. Same story with my J45 Custom. Bone pins and saddle. Brittle sound. Changed back to stock pins n saddle.
  3. Macca and him were given D28's on completion of Sgt Pepper. It was used in India to compose all the White Album stuff. You can see Lennon with it in the promo for Hello Goodbye. He used it through the 70"s too. It's in the Lew Grade Imagine performance from 75 too.
  4. J45 Standard (Gone) Songwriter Deluxe (Gone) J15 (Gone) J45 Custom (Current) J160E (Current) 2 other 'Currents' are Martin D35 and Rickenbacker 325/6 jetglo.
  5. Hi there. It's Brian from Glasgow here. I saw your post earlier and, if it helps, when I had my 160 on Gumtree someone messaged me to say all J160's after 2005 had reverted back to P90 pick-ups. Hope you get your guitar. I have been enjoying mine again. Will be playing along with Help! Album after lunch'! Kind regards, Brian

  6. All these remastered promo films are released officially next week on various formats and editions. After watching these for 20-odd years on grainy bootleg VHS and DVD - I look forward to checking these out. I've got back into vinyl bigtime this year and can thoroughly recommend last years analogue mono remasters vinyl. The best I've heard them ever. Bit of a pain having to put the J160 or Ric 325 down though to change tracks when strummin along though :-)
  7. Hi there. It's Brian from Glasgow with the J160 here. I spoke to your friend Xose this evening. Apologies if it seems I am being awkward but I have trust issues with so much guitar value and money involved in this sale. The only way I can do a deal is for someone to visit my home, check the guitar is Ok, pay me in cash which I will check for counterfeit.

  8. Hi there. Virtuoso polish and cleaner works best. It comes highly recommended on here and I use it to buff up my J45 and my 160.
  9. Hi. Use Elixirs on all guitars and I still use fast fret - usually when the strings start to get dirty. Cleans the fretboard and gives them an extra 'zing'. No harm done. Elixirs usually last me 6 months.
  10. If you've used Elixir for years it'll be difficult to switch to anything uncoated. I tried and always went back to Elixir on all guitars. Try 12 gauge.
  11. brixa


    Wonderful. I've had mine a year now and it just gets better and better. Enjoy!
  12. Lovely. I have a 2012 - looks the exact same. I love it. It's unique - feels different to my other guitars and compliments my Ric 325 nicely for early Beatles toons. Is it ladder or x braced? Anyway - enjoy
  13. brixa


    Welcome Nick from a fellow UK-er who has the same 2 models! Can't go far wrong with those. Enjoy.
  14. brixa

    Gibson J15

    Only had mine a month and really lovin it. I've had Martin D18 and D28's in the past and I put it in the same league if not even better. Just get it. They're amazing. Loads of love on here for 'em.
  15. Thanks Guys. Great stuff as always! I do a lot of my own work and cleaning on my gear but was just slighly unsure on the walnut.
  16. Is it Ok to clean the walnut fretboard and bridge on my J15 with the usual lemon oil cleaner? Any advice appreciated.
  17. Hi. UK based and got mine about a month ago. There is no separate ticklist anymore. You should find the sign-off details in the booklet that should have been in the case. A pack containing spare strings, keyring and pick should also be in the case.
  18. Congrats newstrings. I've had mine since Thursday and can't put it down. Winner all the way. Impressed with your pics. Much better attempt than mine yesterday. P.s Yours looks the exact same as mine! 😄
  19. S'pose the maple neck may count on the 15? Apologies - pics are dreadful but hopefully you can see something and u get the idea
  20. As promised see pics of new J15 and one of the family 👍 Not my strong point photos - hope u can see 'em.
  21. Thanks guys. Been too busy a-strummin'! Will try and upload pics over the weekend! Grabbed it at a great price and can't stop playin!
  22. Just picked up brand new J15 this afternoon. Was sold on the first strum when I tried several last year. Perfect in every way - i can't see any flaws at all. Plays like butter and growls when driven. Completes a nice family of different tonewoods for me. J160 Hog, J45 Custom Rosewood and now some walnut! Fingers are gonna be sore by the weekend!
  23. Nice one! I got mine brand new in August and I play it every day. It would be the first one grabbed in a house-fire 👍 it's everything i want in an acoustic.
  24. I have a 2012 J160e and did the same. It is supposed to have electric strings to get the best from your pick-up. If it's the X-braced solid wood version the pick-up may be a P100. I switched to Elixir 12 gauge electric strings. They feel great, you get a decent acoustic sound and it sounds good plugged in. You'll get a much more even sound when you plug in.
  25. I have the J45 Custom rosewood (July 2014 model). Elixir Bronze 12 gauge all the way. A bit brittle at first but bass and clarity shines once they settle in. They last me about 4 months or more.
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