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  1. I have the J45 Custom rosewood (July 2014 model). Elixir Bronze 12 gauge all the way. A bit brittle at first but bass and clarity shines once they settle in. They last me about 4 months or more.
  2. Congrats on your Custom. You're gonna love it! Your story is a replica of mine back in July. The custom was the exact sound and feel i was always looking for. I sold my D28 to help fund it and don't regret it at all. Enjoy!!
  3. I totally concur with this. I got mine in July and it gets better by the week. It was that good to my ears when i tried it in-store that i sold my D28 to fund it. I had to have it. I had a standard model for 4 years but the custom blows me away. Enjoy it and play it a lot - I do!
  4. Nice to see the 160 get a mention - it's been a while! Apologies but being a john lennon beatles nut since chilbirth i may be biased but the 160 takes a lot of stick on a lot of forums. I have a 2012 sunburst solid spruce x braced. Before this i had the epi version and a Gibson J45 Standard. I swapped the J45 for the 160 cause i heard they were similar apart from the electrics and i wanted it to go with my Rickenbacker 325. With acoustic strings on it sounds like a J45 but u have to drive it harder (which makes it a good rhythm guitar). When plugged in with acoustic strings it's a
  5. Experimented with every string available over the years....went back to Elixir on every guitar and will struggle to ever go back to anything else. They cost extra cause they last for eons. Had a set on my D18 since Feb - it's played every day- they are still sounding great. Wouldn't waste my time or money on anythin' else. There must be 1000's of topics on this site re strings.
  6. Cheers everyone. Davy - i saw this as well. If it checks out fine I cant recommend it enough. I had the Standard j45 for years but this has really surprised me.
  7. I'm lost for words to be honest - astounding! Inspected at the factory 21st July - the paint's almost dry lol. I sold my D28 to finance this . Picked her up this afternoon and reckon my fingers need a rest. I need to wash and eat now! The happiest man in Glasgow tonight I reckon - is me.
  8. Scootch - stick with it man. It's a cheap guitar compared to the others you describe. The E symbol on mine was garbage as well. I filled in the warranty online, reported it to Epi and they sent me a replacement. Mine is October 2013. I staightened the neck, swapped out the plastic (apart from the nut) and put bone in. Elixir 12's phoph stings brought out the brightness and it was obvious the bone made for far imroved sustain and quality of sound. It's not in the same league as my Gibson Martins etc for obvious reasons but is great as a shredder guitar and, plugged in, sounds great.
  9. Cheers modoc. My story maybe reads wrong...i have ordered from my local dealer. I played one a few weeks ago instore...i went abroad on holiday and by the time i got back it was sold. When i called them they had anothet on pre-order from Gibson...so i put a deposit down and i await its arrival. It may be several weeks before it arrives which suits me as i'm trying to sell my D28 and the Commonwealth Games are on where i stay and its all a bit mad in Glasgow at the moment!
  10. Cheers guys. Great comments and pics. Your making me even more impatient! I got my first Gibson - a J45 standard brand new in 2010 and loved it but always wanted the j160e which i managed to get in January by swapping the J45. No regrets there - it's the same beast as the 45 with a bit more bling and serves my purpose of blasting out beatles classics in conjunction with my ric. I got a brand new D28 last year then made the mistake of trying the upgraded D18. I got that and it blows my mind how good it is. The upshot is the D28 is now up for grabs to pony up for the new J45. I went
  11. Based in the UK i've just put a deposit down on a new J45 Custom Rosewood after playing a few that were consistently brilliant at my local Gibby stockist. This will be a nice rosewood counterpart to my hog 160. Can't wait now. It was on pre-order anyway and is on route from the US. I pick it up within the next 3 weeks and will post pics then. Any experiences and current owner comments welcome 👍
  12. J160's were usually miked in Abbey Road but plugged in when gigged. If you listen to This Boy I suspect George was plugged in but John was miked in the studio. That's what you call the best of both worlds with that guitar. I love mine - unplugged.
  13. I'm going into the local dealer on Monday to try one. Plan is to sell my D28 (my 2013 D18 is much more my fave) and raise the cash to get the rosewood. Gonna try the J15 at the same time. If that works out will get that and pocket the difference.
  14. I use mine as an acoustic and use Elixir 80/20 12 gauge. It brings out the brightness, they last forever, give me the right Gibby tone. If I want to plug into my vox amp i use a Seymour Duncan Woody removable soundhole pickup.
  15. I got a brand new right-handed one in February. First time they had become available in the Uk for a while. Elixir nanoweb 80/20 12 guage sound great on it. If you can - swap out the plastic saddle and pins for bone. There is a big noticable difference on this guitar. The sustain is far better and it really blew me away how much it improved the sound. There are a few Uk-based sellers on ebay. Enjoy!
  16. The korean model was out in the late 90's I think and sold for about £850 with the hardshell case. One of our local music stores still had this for sale a few years back for £850 because he bought the stock before the price plumetted and couldn't afford to sell it for any less. These originals are still the most desired versions.
  17. Yep normal standard. The 70th anniversary models are the laminate/ladder bracing models as they're based on the originals.
  18. As promised - 2011 Rickenbacker 325 C64 and the battleship that is....the J160E. Lennontastic!
  19. Ive tried but am hopeless! I'll see what i can do at the weekend. I know people have posted how to load 'em so i'll search it and do a pic with the ricky and the 160 together if i can. If you fancy one make sure it's bozeman with solid wood and x bracing. I've played the laminate top ladder bracing one with electric strings on and it wasn't for me.
  20. I did my homework and eventually swapped my j45 standard for the 2013 j160 standard with the tulip tuners. Used as an acoustic it sounds like my j45, has more bling, feels like a quality item and sits nicely alongside my ric jetglo 325 shortscale. I'm happy i got a real good one and am well pleased with it. I loved my j45 but ended up with something much the same that had more bling and fed my life-long beatles obsession at the same time. Happy.
  21. Yes. I do. 2012 solid wood x braced.
  22. I'm out. Loved him for about 20-odd years now but haven't been able to enjoy any album since maybe silver and gold. He's obsessed with perfect sound then releases an album that sounds like its been recorded in a tin with rats crawlin' over it. But of course....that's neil! Think I'll go and strum some songs from harvest instead👍
  23. Fell out of love with mine. Just swapped mine (a 2010 standard) for a 2012 j160e. This is partly because i'm a beatle freak and wanted the 160 to go with my ric 325 and also because i got the 2012 spec martin d18 which is an unbelievable beast. I just got to the point where the d18 took over and i felt the j45 was heavy maintenance - always craved fresh strings and needed a tweak of the truss at the slightest wind change. I'm over the moon with the 160 as its been professionally set up and allows me to drive those big beatle chords. Sounds hellish plugged in but dont care as i use it for acous
  24. Elixir 12's Phos. Bronze on mine. Swapped out the plastic saddle and pins for bone too. BIG difference in quality of tone, volume and sustain. Amazing guitar for the money. Made in i ndonesia. Only had it 2 months. Great plugged in too.
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