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  1. Thanks but I'm looking for the recent reissue, 2013 model.
  2. Original poster here, I play mostly Neil Young type stuff as well as a lot of rock. I only play at home though, no open mic's for me. I went to GC today and played a J45 Custom Elite Koa and a J45 standard. They sound fairly thin compared to the guitars I own. Is this how the OJ sounds or is it a much bigger sound?
  3. My problem is I won't be able to play one before buying as there aren't any in my area. I tend to like powerhouse dreads, would this disappoint?
  4. What's a fair price for a new one of these as well as used pricing?
  5. Are these big sounding guitars or are they more mellow?
  6. One other question, what color is the lining of the case on these?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Are these actually numbered or do we just know there were 100 examples and they aren't numbered? I had an AJ that was great but I ended selling it to find one of the Santa Cruz's. To those that have both the AJ and OJ, how does the tone compare?
  8. No one? Are these not very popular or is it just that they are limited to 100?
  9. how do these guitars fit in the Gibson lineup. Especially compared to an Advanced Jumbo. It looks like the OJ's have an Adirondack top and hide glue but what else is different. How would the tone compare to an AJ? Anything else I should know about these, i'll never be able to play one in my area and would have to buy one that i haven't played. I currently have a Martin D28 A 1937, Santa Cruz D/PW, and a Santa Cruz D12. Would this guitar fit in with this group or would there be overlap?
  10. I was at Guitar Center yesterday and they had a J45 Elite Custom Koa that had abalone trim around the edge of the guitar and the sound hole. Is this a GC model only? I haven't seen it anywhere else. It sounded pretty good to my ears. A little better than the standard J45 and the Custom rosewood they had. Anyone else play one of these?
  11. Any guess to how these compare to the TV models or the 50th anniversary models.
  12. Anyone been able to play one of these yet? I'm somewhat intrigued by them. I had a Modern Classic which I sold as well as an Advanced Jumbo which was great but ended up selling to fund a Santa Cruz. How would the Hummingbird Vintage compare to these? Also, how would it compare to a HB True Vintage or a a 50th Anniversary Hummingbird?
  13. Smurfbird, I completely agree. That is the problem buying site unseen. It's kind of a necessary evil in most locations though. The D12 is the only guitar i've bought at an actual guitar place. I'm sure if I gave it a while the Adi top would maybe open up but I don't think there is any way it will compare to D12. My D28 A has an Adi top it's a cannon. In hindsight, I got caught up with the great reviews here and then Tony's glowing review saying it was the best Gibson he ever played. I've learned a valuable lesson again that the grass is not always greener.
  14. I'm not comparing it as much to my Martin D28 Authentic as much as the Santa Cruz D12 since they are fairly similar except for the SJ has an Adi top and the D12 has a sitka top. I tried puttng the 13's on which helped but not enough. The D12 is heads and tails above the SJ. It's way more responsive and has nearly double the volume. The D12 cost twice what the SJ cost so maybe this shouldn't be a surprise. It's not that the SJ is a bad guitar but it's just not in the same league as the Santa Cruz. I'll be sending the SJ back.
  15. Thanks for the replies. The Santa Cruz D12 is a slot head, Sitka/hog long scale. I'm going to try the EJ17's on it.
  16. I just got my Southern Jumbo 12 fret. I've only played it for a half hour but so far i'm a little underwhelmed. I'm thinking it could be because i'm used to mediums on my dreads. Has anyone made this change on a Gibson? I want to give it a fair shot during my return window. I do have some fairly expensive dreads so it might not be a fair comparison. I have a Santa Cruz D12 and a Martin D28 Authentic 1937. Maybe I just need to warm up to it.
  17. It was supposed to come today but never made it. Should get it Monday. I've never been able to play a Sj200 but they've always been a little intriguing. Can't wait for the 12 fretted though.
  18. What are the differences in tone from these two guitars. I've never been able to play either one, I don't have a Gibson dealer around me excepts GC and they never have these. Which has better bass response, which has better highs? Which is louder?
  19. Well I pulled the trigger on one of the Music Zoo, excited to get it.
  20. I've been looking for one of these, it is weird that the specs are all over the place. Has anyone played a Martin D28 Authentic 1931 12 fretted, if so how does it compare? I've had a Hummingbird and an Advanced Jumbo, how would the tone compare to these two models?
  21. Mine just says Gibson Acoustic. No H or M or T. I really like these, wish I knew what they were?
  22. Both of my Gibson's have come with a pick, does anyone know what gauge the picks are?
  23. I've seen a few Gibsons on sale on Ebay that are listed as new other, with the description that they were purchased from overstocked dealer. Does this seem fishy, or are these legit? Would you have any worry about purchasing? One of the ones i'm looking at is a J200 custom where only 30 were made, it seems weird a dealer would've had an overstock of those?
  24. Thanks for the responses. You really think it would louder and baser than the AJ? The AJ is pretty loud and always described as a canon by other owners. I guess i don't really hear people describe the J200 as a canon. That's interesting. What do you guys think a fair price for a slightly used 2013 Custom?
  25. I'm considering purchase a a SJ200 Custom with mystic Rosewood. I won't be able to play it first and no dealers by me even have a J200 to play. I already own a Gibson Hummingbird, Advanced Jumbo, and a Martin D42. How would this guitar fit in with the others? Is it redundant? Where would it fall in loudness wise, bass, responsiveness? Thanks
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