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  1. Seeing as I misidentified two Nighthawks built in Gibson's centennial year (1994), perhaps I've got my others wrong as well - can you confirm or correct again please, for my records? Special in Heritage Cherry, s/n 93276390 - 1996? Standard in Translucent Amber, s/n 93193305 - 1993?
  2. rct, on 17 November 2016 - 01:08 PM, said: This guy: Posted Image Awesome. The one you want on your side. rct I'm pretty sure he worked at Electric Lady Studios with Eddie Kramer.
  3. Thanks for the tip - I'm a PBS fan, but this one flew under my radar!
  4. Wow, very interesting - thank you for the clarification! I'd heard before that Guitar Dater Project could not be relied on, but I thought it was O.K. for general info; now I know better. Thanks again!
  5. I noticed not too long ago that my two oldest Nighthawks appear to have been manufactured on two consecutive days, according to modern Gibson dating protocol, i.e. Guitar Dater Project... I thought this was a neat coincidence! Can someone confirm this, please? First off is my 1992 Special in Vintage Sunburst, s/n 94002541 - GDP says: Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA on February 3rd, 1992 Production Number: 241 Then there's my 1992 Standard in Fireburst, s/n 94012977 - GDP says: Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA on February 4th, 1992 Production Number: 677
  6. Oh, man - you've got an ol' guzzler - I snipped some facts you can find just about anywhere: "One of the easiest ways to save water is to switch to a more water-efficient toilet. For instance, if your toilet was purchased between 1980 and 1994, it can use anywhere between 3.5 and 7 gallons per flush. Most toilets sold today use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush. If you switched to this type of model, you could save more than 275,000 gallons of water over the life of the toilet."
  7. Nobody does it better - been a fan as long as I can remember! This is always good for a big chuckle:
  8. File this under "...for what it's worth" - Not long ago I gave my '74 LP Standard a tuneup - re-soldered the pickup covers, re-wired to '50s specs w/ new caps, and while I was at it, I removed the stop bar, studs, bridge and thumbwheels and gave them all a nice Isopropyl bath. This allowed me to give the top a nice cleaning as well, and I took some photos during the process, including these: This guitar's worn EB Regular Slinkys for half its life, Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms the latter half, along with its original ABR. Been played a lot, never abused. I used to keep the stopbar all the way down (as it came from the factory), later raised it for string clearance (after I read about it somewhere); I didn't notice a difference, truth be told.
  9. Y' know, when I first saw the video's title (and guy playing bottleneck), I thought the great Sonny Landreth was going to be somehow involved, but there doesn't seem to be any relation - maybe the Landreths just got more than their fair share of talent!
  10. If those youngsters keep at it, they might develop into something one day... Stuff like that restores my faith in the modern music scene - thanks for the vid!
  11. (whew!) Thanks, buddy! 'Flashy' may be an understatement!
  12. Now I feel bad, John (I'm Marc, by the way) - is there anything I can do to redeem myself?
  13. (sigh) My attempts at being facetious never seem to work well around here... guess I just wasn't cut out for comedy. Sorry.
  14. They're broken for me as well.
  15. Leon Hendrix, on being a Boeing Co. draughtsman: "You draw this bolt, or this nut and off it goes to some department and into a bit of machinery. So I quit.”
  16. Yes - 'vintage'. There's no indication of what that means, or what year this particular model was produced, but THIS GUITAR WAS SIGNED BY JIMI HENDRIX' BROTHER, LEON. From the item specifics: "Leon has an amazing signature. Quite breathtaking." I mean, I don't have the money for an item like this, but if I did, I'd be overjoyed with having excess cash... http://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Fender-white-guitar-strat-stratocaster-signed-by-jimi-hendrix-bro-james/282143799234?_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D38530%26meid%3Ddebfc48eb92840cab15ca3bffcba0385%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D401215766045
  17. How very refreshing to hear such an honest appraisal - first impressions are almost always the ones that count. I really don't get it when people claim they are offput by an instrument but then go on with the odd thought of "I'll keep it and play it for awhile to see if it 'grows' on me" - so many instruments, so little time...
  18. Ah! Now we now the secret to Gibson's 'Faded' finishes!
  19. Something I've never tried with a guitar, but it's 100% free, natural and might work - The Sun's ultra-violet rays. I mention this because it's how I clean sponges and dishrags that get smelly or mildewed - a couple of days out on the deck in direct sunlight, and they are odor-free. I understand it's because the rays kill the bacteria present. Now, as far as your guitar's nicotine odor being bacteria-based, I really wouldn't know - another thing to consider is if the sun's direct rays would affect your Tele's finish, and I don't know that, either... maybe someone who's already tried this can chime in. I'm thinking direct sunlight would be effective for odors in cases - think about it, given enough time, the sun will bleach bones clean! And have you ever come across a stinky rock outside?!
  20. C-RAM


    I can dig it... dude's got it in spades.
  21. C-RAM

    Replacing P100

    Pickups aside, I don't get comparing a slab mahogany guitar to a semi-hollowbody...
  22. is eighty years old today... Happy Birthday, Bill Wyman!
  23. This speaks to me - Gibson was ahead of the curve when they introduced J.T. Riboloff's Nighthawk, and it took me awhile to get comfortable with it - I now hold the guitar in the highest esteem for being so sonically versatile while remaining relatively simple; a two-pickup Nighthawk gives you an array of five different humbucker/single coil combinations with a knife switch, all controlled with a single volume and tone control. I feel they went too far with the three-pickup models, because the coil tap built into its tone pot presents a bewildering TEN different combinations/possibilities - I challenge anyone to remember that much info and use it purposefully on the fly while playing; it's just too many bells and whistles. An acoustic or single-pickup guitar will make you concentrate on what you can do with your brain and hands.
  24. When it comes to ugly, expensive guitars, just hand the crown to the UK's Brian Eastwood - He has so many, I wouldn't know where to start...
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