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  1. Yep. It's a strategic business move. Search Wikipedia for 'List of Ford Factories', and you'll see they have manufacturing facilities around the world, more of 'em than I care to type. My '00 Ford Super Duty and '06 VW Jetta were both built in Mexico.
  2. Two of the greatest opening riffs of all time were penned by Mr. Richards - 1) The tremolo/reverb-soaked 'Citadel', and 2) The insanely-infectious acoustic 'Street Fighting Man'. I'll pass on the blues stuff...
  3. C-RAM


    Series 26 rotary pot? Should be able to put together a part number from the Ordering Information section... http://www.ctscorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Series-026.pdf
  4. If the question is "Which Tech will become obsolete in the future?", I think it's a pretty safe bet to say: All of it. None of us are very good at predicting what will be; I'm stuck in the present, so I try to make the best of what I've got, what's available and what I can reasonably afford. :)
  5. Seems to be a growing concept - not long ago I was looking at some aluminum guitars from a Long Island, N.Y. manufacturer, Alumisonic - very much along the lines of the ones you show here. Not sure how I feel about metal guitars, but I try to remain open-minded; they likely will have appeal to conservation-minded guitarists and those just looking for something different. I think I'd have to take one for an extended test drive to form a personal opinion. I do remember Fender issuing a number of hollow aluminum Stratocasters and Telecasters a couple of decades ago, but I don't think they were very well received, both from a lack of tonal quality and tendency to dent easily. The guy who's probably best remembered for aluminum guitars is John Veleno - his handmade guitars are collector's items these days. I remember Pete Haycock from Climax Blues Band had a gold-plated one.
  6. Breathtaking views - I particularly like the nuances of color in the first shot.
  7. Two elderly ladies laying side by side, gazing upward in contemplation - one has a very concerned look on her face. Finally, she turns to her companion and asks earnestly "Can I be frank with you?" In response, the other turns and snaps "No! You got to be Frank the last time!"
  8. Hi, mpetri - L5: 2x12" CTS speakers, L7: 4x10" CTS. I still have L5s and an L9, which has the stock single EVM15L.
  9. +1 on Willcutt - I purchased a used guitar from them some years back, and it was a positive experience; they go through the guitars pretty thoroughly, cleaning them and setting them up nicely. Plus, they offer detailed physical descriptions and lots of hi-res photographs of different aspects.
  10. Well, don't keep us in suspense - ! What'd you do??
  11. Ah, Thai cuisine - now you're talking! I do enjoy that very much; most dishes seem sauce-based to me, with lots of vegetables. I suppose heat is a regular feature in a lot of Thai dishes, but the complex FLAVORS are the real attraction for me... I think you've got it right, I'm willing to put up with the heat because it tastes so good!
  12. He's a handsome feller! Looks like he could use a manicure, though...
  13. During the fall and winter I make traditional Southwestern Pork Green Chile, popular in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. I use local green chile (Pueblo) which is very good - it's an Anaheim variety, very meaty and typically a bit hotter than those from the Hatch (New Mexico) area. However, Anaheim chiles are not what most people would consider really 'hot' - that's a concept I just don't understand; why do people want to eat something that is physically painful or causes you real discomfort? My aim is flavor and spiciness - I remove most of the seeds from the chiles while preparing them to keep the heat at a tolerable level. Small amounts of diced Habanero in food is as hot as I can take it... call me a wuss, I guess.
  14. I'm known far and wide for my sammitches... I do a mean PB&J, and no one's turned their nose up at my Fluffernutter, either.
  15. I have to keep my 12-necks on stands; I'm having a hard time finding cases for them...
  16. Oh, come on! This is the guy that blessed us with 'Having My Baby', fer crying out loud! "The need inside you I see it showin' Whoa, the seed inside ya Baby, do you feel it growin'?"
  17. The hilarious Australian TV comedy series 'The Strange Calls' featured Greg Chiapello's brilliant unfinished idea "I've Got Feet" as its theme song -
  18. Coming in 2020 - the Hugh Downs Signature Explorer. Also heard about matching Zager and Evans Custom models slated for the year 2525...
  19. What in the heck is 'Fe0ffer' ??
  20. Nick Simmons: “We just picked a name,” he said. “It’s brand-new. I found a bunch of good guys. You’ll see something soon. It’s eclectic. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘rock.’ I always loved blues, and it has some blues roots. Whatever the hell Beck is, it’s probably like that.” Looks like all those years of hard work have finally paid off - I'm sure it will be AWESOME!!
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