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  1. March 16 2010 so you just missed your guitars 10 birthday by a couple of week
  2. If your house is at 47% why are you humidifing your guitar? Gibson recommends 45 to 50% so you are right in the sweet spot.
  3. According to the serial number and the Made in USA on the back of the head stock it's a 1974 or 75 ksdaddy is correct it should have a Dove style bridge and the label should be printed. https://images.reverb.com/image/upload/s--8gMbP0Ec--/f_auto,t_large/v1554283684/rckljbqzancdhhchmofp.jpg The pick guard looks like a Alvarez J 200 Copy from the 70's
  4. The slim taper has a 12 inch Radius Fret board and the Advanced Responce has a 16 inch Radius Fret Board. Flatter like a Martin. Both have a 1.725 nut but the flatter fretboard fell wider to me even though they're the same width. The J 45 studio has the 16 inch radius neck. All the specs are on Gibsons website.
  5. Always liked Gibson guitars my first was a '79 Les Paul bought new in '79. Started playing more acoustic than electric in the 80 and always wanted a Gibson acoustic. Took until 2013 to get my first a J 35 the a year later a 1947 L 48 came my way for a deal I couldn't pass on. I've alway thought Taylors were for Choir Boys, Martins were for Good Ol' Boys and Gibsons were for Bad Boys. I don't play in church and don't play blue grass. Rock and Roll all the way.
  6. Another Hercules Guitar stand fan here. I have a double stand and 2 wall hangers. Both my Gibsons have been hanging in these stands and hangers for years. My 2013 J 35 has been in either the wall hanger or stand since it was new and has had no ill effects.
  7. Nitro take months to cure fully but that's good news for you. A good luthier should be able to buff it out. This should be a good leason for everyone who is purchasing a new nitro finished guitar (this includes Martin) Never leave a capo on or leave it in a stand for extended periods of time for at least 2 or three months.
  8. Post like this make me laugh. Do you like your wages or would you like to be paid in 1935 dollars? Maybe you'd rather have Gibson take away any benefits they pay their employees, holiday pay or sick leave so you can buy a new Gibson for $800. While you're at it you could do the same to the Canadian loggers who cut and haul the spruce fore the tops. Who needs health care it just make guitar cost more. While your taking away benefits from worker you better ask the government to lower the amount of taxes taken off theis pay check. Or you could just buy a guitar you can afford.
  9. You can learn a lot from old ads. What more do you need to know Gibson Aes Classic (1992) Acoustic / electric, cherry finish, double bound 15-7/8" body, Venetian cutaway, spruce top, maple back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, 20 frets, rosewood bridge, Gibson pickup / preamp system, vintage style tuners, 1-11/16" nut, 24-3/4" scale,
  10. Each label is typed out individually so mistakes can be made. In this video of the Montana factory tour at 21:31 they show Mike typing out a label and the tour guide say in the video that Mike is typing out the labels. Mike even takes a look at the guitar to see what to put on the label https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXgnl6WM91M
  11. I checked the intonation and the only string that is sharp is the high e. Check open string, fretted at the 12 fret and harmonics at the 12. I'll see what happens on Thursday when I see the owner. If he doesn't want to much I think I may buy it. Thaks again for all the info.
  12. Checked the nut and it's 1 11/16. Put a small mirror in side and every thing looks good. No signs off loose braces and you can see where the crack is glued. I have it here at home until next Thursday so I've got ti e to deside if I'm buying it. I'll let you guys know at the end of the week how it pans out. Thanks for everyone's help. It would have been nice if Gibson had a better numbering system back then. It is what it is.
  13. Thanks for the reply QM. How much do you thing the frets being files hurts the value. The guitar plays well and stays in tune but I'm worried that the frets will need replacing sooner than later because there isn't much left of. I'll check the intonation when I get home.
  14. Here's the rest of the pictures. Crack running from the e string bridge pin to the bottom of the body and the replacement bridge. It's hard to see in the pic but the frets have been filed and I don't know if the banner is someones initials(TWM) or if Gibson did it. Replaced tuners
  15. Hi everyone I'd like to pick some of your brains and get some help dating a 60's J45 and figuring out a price. I'm thinking of buying it. I have a friend who is thinking of selling his old J 45 but knows very little about it. He bought it used in the early 70's (he's now in his early 70's) He has 5 Martins so never plays this Gibson. I've checked all the usual on line places to try and find out more about it, but have run into a few unanswered questions It's not in the best condition but plays well and stays in tune. The 6 digit serial number starts with 604 what I can find in 69 the s
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