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  1. thought you might like this. I'm trying real hard to resist the urge to buy one. With proguitarshops discount thing they've got going right now it's $135 shipped. I just need to keep my eye on the prize.

  2. (\/)i_i(\/)

    viva la resistance!

  3. About that Fuzz Face.. You'd be disappointed with the output. It's not much louder than unity. It is one groovy sounding fuzzbox though. Running it into the **** OD really brings it to life and as always, adding the SHO before it tightens it up nicely. I'm in pure psychedelic heaven right now.

    What transistors did you end up swapping into your FF?

  4. Ah I see.

    That's cool about the p94. I can dig em. I was just giving you a hard time because I know how you are about Bigsbys and strings and stuff.

    I've only using my Tele with my band lately. As much as I love my SG right now I'm just lovin the way my Tele sounds. So I feel your pain with the humbuckers.

  5. Ah man. I wish I had the scratch for one of those. I love mine but those must sound awesome.

    So are you looking for more of a spacey delay or more of a rhythmic delay?

  6. Ah man. That's a bummer. I played an old '60s ac15 once and the new stuff isn't even close. I mean I don't think vintage = better but the old Vox amps are seriously magical. You should keep an eye out for another.

    If we see that thing pop up in a NAD thread, it's goin down.

  7. Also, I just repaired a vintage '87 RAT.. What an awesome pedal from your home state, man. It sounds incredible and it's probably the most solidly constructed pedal I've ever seen. It's just a brick..

    I love the woolly fuzz tones you can get out of it. It just explodes out of my amp. It seems like all the coolest gear comes from Kalamazoo

  8. Are you a fan of the ZVex SHO or is that just a coincidence?

    I just ordered my first ZVex pedal. It's one of the painted Fuzz Factories. I really want pretty much all of their pedals I love ZVex.


    How are you liking it so far? It takes a while to really figure it out but I knew it was love the second I plugged in.

    Tell me what you think about it!

  10. Aww sorry to hear that about your amp man. I hate having to sell sweet gear!

    No rush. You know where to find me.

    Good luck

  11. be worth it..

    Thing cut me off

  12. Bro. Have you tried a Zvex Woolly Mammoth?

    I just built a clone and it's inanely awesome. It's got a ripping quality to the sound unlike anything else I've heard.

    Just goes to show that a lot of the transistor talk is bs hype. The transistors cost me like 15 cents each and it sounds amazing! If I had to pay $300+ for an original it'd actually probably ...

  13. Bro. Something has been confusing me ever since I joined ILF...

    Are you bob the robot or giant robot over there?

  14. Check out dis groovy jam I discovered on the radio tonight


  15. Cool I was thinking maybe the OD808 would go a little better after the ****. I ran it before the **** at practice yesterday but I just left the 808 on the whole time. So good!

    Thanks man I got a little tired of the same old triangular knob layout all the time.

    I'm on kindof an OD kick right now. I think next I'll try the Klon :O))

  16. Dang! What kindof AC30 are you getting?

    The El Cap is the bees knees. I have yet to check, but whether it colors the sound or not it sounds ******* incredible with the AC30.

    Not to sound like I'm trying to sell you something or anything but next month madbean is releasing a Deluxe Memory Man circuit board and I'll definately be building a few. I'll sell th...

  17. Do you mean which do I have or which should you check out?

    I have the Supa Tone.

    The Mayo, Pink Flesh, Pig Mine, and Zero seem to get the most love. I'm not sure if those are made anymore though. I think the Pig Mine and Supa Tone are so check those out. Some of the discontinued ones go for insane prices used.

  18. Dude the OD808 ******* rules! It's exactly what I was looking for!

    How do you use it with your **** od and fuzz? After both?

  19. Dude! I told you you should have joined ILF!

    I remember you saying you were interested in the Klon.. Were doing an awesome ILF Klon project. Brian of smallsound/bigsound is doing the circuit boards and designing a lofi mode, McSpunckle (creator of the Gnomeratron VTF is assembling, and I'm screenprinting the enclosures.

    It's gonna be epic!

  20. Haha alright I'll send it out later.

    I'd love to hear it man. It's just got to be a .wav file or I don't think I can listen to it. Delay freakouts and magical places make my little world go round. Oh yeah and FUZZ.

  21. Haha no worries man. So what did you do in rural Michigan?

    I emailed you that clip or whatever btw

    hope the transistion back into reality goes smoothly hehe

  22. Haha that's cool I know what you mean.

    Dr Scientist is pretty rad. Even if you don't join ILF, you should check out the builders there. They're the best.

    I'm getting some sweet parts for an MKl Tone Bender build. NOS Mullard OC75 and Texas Instruments 2G382s and old carbon comp resistors and caps. It's gonna be SWEET.

  23. Haha yeah I'll record you something no problem. What do you want to hear? The vibrato?

    I was thinking I'd do clean then clean + cosmichorus, then a couple fuzzes with and without cosmichorus, then a good old fashioned loop with cosmichorus on everything. How does that sound?

    If you've got something you want to hear let me know

  24. Haha yeah man if you want one hit me up I know this dude that I can get awesome NOS parts from. I'm getting some parts for a point to point wired MKl Bender clone. If you want I'll send it to you for a test drive when it's done.

    Also, I just ordered some parts for a SHO clone. I already have a SHO, I'm building it just to sell it, so if you want it hit me up.

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