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Hello All!


Have You seen this?:




It seems to be a Thomann exclusive model. Chrome Burstbuckers instead of the black 490/498 pickups. Nicer.


Also this:




A 50's Tribute darkback (not the black this time) in Caramel Burst. [thumbup]


Cheers... Bence

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the first one is nice, I like that darker look...


Lots of overlapping models still with Gibby tho.. gets confusing...


Thankfully, I have 2 LP Standards and I don't foresee shopping out a 3rd....


cuz it would give me a serious headache trying to decide which model was the next one.

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More guitars that need a paint job before you even put Grovers on them. I'm sorry Gibson, they look like more cheap furniture from a crappy 80's cheap furniture store. Deluxe? Shouldn't something that is deluxe be painted already? Or at least have the grain filled, I can see the grain plainly in a photograph from what, 4, 5 feet away? Yikes yer going to hate that thing soon.



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