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I really LIKE the way that 70's "Jetson" guitar looks!! I wouldn't want ALL my guitars to look like that style, but then I don't want all my guitars to look alike anyway.


HNGD on both of them. What do you like about the AJ vs the J45?



Thanks Aster....AJ is brighter, woodier, better for percussive type playing, somehow just speaks to me. I played the J-45 this morning, and it really sounds good to.....dang, some many nice guitars......

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Jannus, what PM is reminiscing about is leaving unknown apartments (that's already American to me - in England we usually talk about flats, but PM grew up in Scotland where apartments may be common currency), presumably unknown due to his arrival there in a state of intoxication. Apparently he left holding a well-known British non-alcoholic beverage made from blackcurrants and sugar (packed with Vitamin C according to advertisements). I believe that this beverage is frequently associated with members of the temperance movement, and especially those Churches which were formed with a temperance agenda, and required a substitute for wine for the purposes of Holy Communion. It may or may not be associated with reforming alcoholics. Be glad he did not make reference to the beverage known as Irn-Bru (slogan: made in Scotland from girders).

I'll drink to that!!!

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When I say, "never again"......I am being VERY hopeful....lol...Not only do I have enough Gibson's, I have enough guitars, PERIOD!!! These two should hold me for a while at least....




Right there with ya........Newtone 13's just make my Gibson go above and beyond! And, about having enough guitars...........

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I forgot to add.....1.77 nutwidth is a JOY to play, just a little extra room for my big fingers....big fingers means...........big gloves....and the pickguard is in the right place!!



That is the optimum nut width, I think - the FVG J35 has it as well.


Is the AJ neck chunky like the FVG?


I found an email from Guitarsale from Dec 2007 - I almost bought one of these in mahogany new (kicking myself now).


Anyway, I had them measure the nut & this is what they said:


" According to the old micrometer, it measures out at 1.78". With a regular ruler, looks like around 1-24/32" or 1-25/32". "

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